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Weber Q1200 vs Q2200 – Product Comparison

In today's world, barbeque is one of the first and foremost methods of cooking, especially when you've flesh on your menu. In ancient time, when there were no barbecue grills, people were supposed to use a wooden framework to grill the meat by putting it over the fire.

As the time moved on, barbecue grills also have experienced a lot of innovations. Now, there are many manufacturers of barbecue grills. So it becomes very important for all of you to opt for a perfect one.
In this article, we'll be looking at two very famous grills among the users which are Weber Q1200 vs Weber Q2200. You'll find out a short comparison here, but we are pretty sure that this will help you a lot.



189 sq. Inches

280 sq. Inches


red, blue, purple and more

Only Gray Color

Heat Output

8500 BTU

12000 BTU


35.3 pounds 

42.5 pounds

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Weber Q1200

Weber Q1200’s grates are made of porcelain-enamel cast iron which is considered best for containing and distributing heat evenly. It comes with a total of 189 square inches of cooking surface area. It has 8500 BTU of total heat output, while its ignition source is electric. Beside this, it also includes a thermometer, folding side table, and is available in different colors.

weber Q2200

Weber Q2200’s grates are also made of porcelain-enameled covering. This means it will evenly spread heat all around and grilling will be done perfectly. It has 280 square inches of total cooking space. Also, its burners are made of stainless steel which is a good thing. Talking about great output, here you get 12000 BTU in total. This model also includes a side table, thermometer and also uses electronic start-up ignition.

Comparison Between Weber Q1200 vs Q2200:-


If we talk about Weber Q1200 vs Q2200, Weber Q1200 has less cooking space with just 189 sq. Inches, while Weber Q2200 has more, i.e., 280 sq. Inches.
Similarly, Q1200 yields a total of 8500 BTU of heat output while Q2200 yields 12000 BTU. In general, both the model have same weight and size. But, Q2200 has a taller lid. With this, the users get more option for grilling.


In general, both the products perform well. Both are quick as well as efficient. But as told, Q2200 comes with a larger lid so users can grill more meat with this model.
Roasting is a kind of cooking method which needs to be performed at low heat. But even in low settings, Q2200 fails to do so as it still performs hot. Whereas Q1200 just delivers the perfect amount of heat required for roasting. Q1200 has a shorter lid so it is recommended not to grill larger meat like turkey, as it would not fit properly.


From Weber Q1200 vs Q2200, Q2200 is a more significant model when compared with Q1200. Moreover, it is also heavier. But you can even separate the grates to make it lighter. Look, size don't matter much, it's entirely on you to look for a model that meets your requirement. So it's your call under this parameter.


If you want to color your grilling world, then Q1200 will do the job for you. It is available in red, blue and purple color. Unfortunately, while writing, no other color option was available for the model Q2200.


Choosing one model in between Weber Q1200 vs Q2200 is a complicated task, but it is easy to spot the differences between them. The Q1200 is smaller, has smaller burners and is more affordable. Overall, it is a good option for travelers or remote users.
While Q2200 is a more significant model and comes with larger and better burners. This model is more recommended for using it at homes or in your backyards. Beside this, there are not much more significant differences between this both model. Both come from the same brand and shows almost similar capabilities.

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Master cook grill with Side Burner Review

Master cook grill

(Rating - 4.0 / 5)

Master cook grill with Side Burner Review


How many among you conduct occasional Eve's at your homes? Hopefully, there are many, right. No one like to upset their guests and especially when there's an occasion at your place. So what you've to do to uplift the mood of your guest? Well, there's nothing rocket science over this. The first thing you should be taken care of is the yummy and mouth-watering food. And that can be achieved by our very own Master Cook Grill. It'll provide your event with durable and high-performance cooking system that your friends and families will not stop admiring this fantastic gadget. 

So in this article, we'll be having a closer look at all of Master Cook Grill features and specifications. So if you're interested or thinking of buying a gas grill, please pay attention here.


No doubt, Master Cook Grill outstands at the front when it comes to design and construction. The whole unit is built with high-quality stainless steel with four gliding wheels at the bottom. The wheels make its motion and movement possible and easy. 

There's a thermometer mounted right at the center of the device displaying the temperature of the interiors. Moreover, the downside table coated with black powder steel adds a cool factor to this device.

Beside this, front mounted struggles steel control panel and double-layered stainless steel doors add on more beauty to the unit. The stainless steel side burner makes it a perfectly-designed gas grill.

Description And Details

With a front-mounted control panel, one collapsible side table, four gliding wheels, one side burner, make this Master Cook Gas Grill a perfect buying option for smaller families.

Not only compact, but this grill is also capable of cooking different at the same time. It has a total of 4 stainless steel burners along with one side burner. The four burners yield 36,000 BTU of total heat output; this means 9000 BTU per burner. While the lidded side burner has a heat output of 12,000 BTU. Side burners are so useful when there are more members at the place. Users can cook sauces, bread or anything using it. Overall, it's a perfect feature that utilizes the best of your time.

Talking about cooking surface, here you get 400 square inches of primary cooking area on heavy-duty casting iron grates. Beide this, you get 118 square inches of secondary cooking area on the porcelain-coated swing-away rack.
One thing which you'll like about this model is its Integrated piezo ignition system that ensures quick lighting of all the four burners.

The two well coated stainless steel doors at the front of the unit are not only so stylish but too are useful while storing stuff and all. You can store wood chips, grill tools, sauces, rubs or anything that fits. At the right side of the cabinet, there's a hole which is constructed for fixing liquid propane tank.

There are four gliding coasters at the bottom, two of which can be locked for steady and stability of the device.


  • Dimensions- 56.3 x 21 x 43.9 inches
  • Weight- 76 pounds
  • Material Type- Stainless Steel
  • Colour- Silver-Black
  • Fuel- Liquid Propane
  • Cooking Area- 518 square inches (total)
  • Heat Output- 48,000 BTU (total)


  • heart
    A good option with 4+1 burners at such an affordable price.
  • heart
    It has porcelain coated steel warming rack.
  • heart
    Stainless steel handle adds a cool factor to its beauty.


  • close
    Not for bigger-sized family.
Master cook grill

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Napoleon Rogue 425 Grill Review

Napoleon Rogue 425

(Rating - 4.5 / 5)

Napoleon Rogue 425 Review


Napoleon introduced the Napoleon rogue 425 gas grills in the year 2016. The Rogue line shows same features which the expensive Prestige line holds. Every grill made of stainless steel make their place to a different level, but the design and looks matters for a few. What plays a role is its interior, i.e., functions and features. The unit yields moderate results and is well suited for a middle-sized family. 

Napoleon Rogue 425 is an excellent choice that covers all the basic aspects and delivers a good result. So in this article, we'll be looking at all its features, design, warranty, pros and cons for a better understanding.


You might be not impressed with its cooking surface and the burners’ power. But believe us, when it comes over design and looks this model will defeat all of its competitors. It's build of galvanized steel that enhances its looks to a next level. So along with cooking your eyes will be engaged on starring it.

Even if you don't like silver, yet its sleek cabinet doors look good. At the lower part, there are four wheels with a locking mechanism for easy mobility and stability. Its design also favors the setup time that'll hardly spoil more than 45 mins. A perfect combination of style and basics, which makes this unit a top contender among the other grills.

Description & Features

When users opt for a mid-range grill, they find many common aspects which no doubt, should be appreciated. One thing which you'll like about this model is its wave style stainless steel cooking grates. Wave style adds a classic factor to these grills that matchups others with a sleek design.

Talking about burners, they are of good quality and release an impressive heat of 12,000 BTU (each). It has a total of three burners with an overall heat output of 36,000 BTU. You might find this digit a bit short at such price. Beside this, there's an infrared sizzle zone side burner that raises this figure to 45,000 BTU, which is a considerable number.
It has 425 square inches of cooking surface that are raised to 620 square inches when you'll count heating racks too. So, you get a good amount of cooking area that can be considered suitable for a mid-5-membered family.
Napoleon Rogue 425 comes with Jetfire ignition system that gives one-touch lighting for all the burners, hence provides effective and even cooking. Users can also use charcoal as fuel if they want the flavor of charcoal in their meals.

As told, it has wave style stainless steel cooking grates that provide unique sear marks along with better grease distribution. The searing plates in between grates and burners help in removing some of the extra stuff. While it vaporizes the aroma and flavor of your food and sends it again for a delicious taste.


This is one of the foremost segment of the content, as many of you must be desired to look over the product's warranty.
● Full-Lifetime warranty over hood, lid, base, and cooking grids.
● Ten years warranty on the burners.
● Five-years warranty on the searing plates.
● Two-year warranty over every other aspect of the grill.


  • heart
    Its sleek-steel design can win hearts of many.
  • heart
    Heavy porcelain coated cooking grates.
  • heart
    Being stainless steel, not only enhances its looks but also durability and maintenance.
  • heart
    Good built-quality and construction.
  • heart
    Burners are made of quality stainless steel material.
  • heart
    Easy to assemble and use.


  • close
    Low heat output for such a size.
  • close
    The side burner does not have much power.
  • close
    The price tag it displays.
Napoleon Rogue 425 Review

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Kamado joe classic II Product Review

kamado joe classic ii

(Rating - 4.5 / 5)

Kamado joe classic II


Kamado Joe has given a tough competition to Big Green Egg. From last few years, the company is known for manufacturing the innovative and elegant products, especially when it comes to grills and all. It's a vast company and is always devoted to serving the best to their customers. In Fact, the owner of the company, Bobby Brennan is active on social media and gives prompt reply to its customers. Today we'll be reviewing one of its best product Kamado Joe Classic II.

Product's Specifications

  • Weight - 188 pounds.
  • Dimensions - 5 x 48 x 28 inches.
  • Material Type - Ceramic and steel.
  • Colour - Blaze Red.
  • Fuel - Charcoal.
  • The range of temperature - 225F – 750F.

Special Features

● Kontrol Tower Top Vent:-
The top vent of Kamado Joe Classic II has a unique feature of controlling airflow and letting smoke to escape the chamber. This is very useful in maintaining the temperature inside, especially when you're cooking at low heat.
Moreover, the vent is designed in such a way that it prevents the interior of the device from rain or snow.

● Divide and Conquer Grill System:-
Being an 18 inch (diameter) grill, user's might find this little less. But we would like to tell them that its grill is elegantly designed to maximize the versatility. Actually, with its novel grill system, you can put grills at different heights and use heat deflectors to generate different temperature.

● Slide-Out Ash Drawer:-
No one likes cleaning ash as it is a hectic task. But, every grill owner had to go with this process. Just for the sake of customer's, Kamado’s Classic II comes with a separate ash drawer, located at the bottom of the unit. All the ash gets accumulated there, and all you've to do is just to slide it out and empty the residue. Rest, roll a tissue or damp cloth to clean it properly.

● Air Lift Hinge:-
Weighing about 188 pounds, the unit is quite heavy, and the lid is a substantial part of it. So you might find difficulty in opening and be closing it. Thanks to its Air Lift Hinge, due to which you can do this task with just your fingers.


The device comes in a very well packed box, which is a good thing as ceramic is a material that can be broken/damaged easily. Next, it is super easy to assemble, that'll hardly take few minutes.

Kamado Joe Classic II is an attractive grill. Externally, the glossy-red appearance makes it an eye-catching product. It is bit bigger and larger, so you'll require some workforce to put it over a place.Beside the cooking surface, the two side tables on either side are pure bliss. You can keep any tools, sauces, utensils, etc.. This would make your cooking more convenient.

The build quality is also impressive, while other parts are too solidly constructed. The entire unit seems beautiful and can be used very efficiently.


● User's get a limited lifetime warranty over ceramic parts.
● While five-years warranty over metal parts.
● Three-years warranty overheat deflector.
● One-year warranty over thermometer and gaskets.


  • heart
    It has a great design and looks.
  • heart
    It has got a solid and rigid construction and can be stored anywhere, without creating any issues.
  • heart
    Works perfectly as a smoker.
  • heart
    It has flexible cooking surface. So user's can commit various grilling technique simultaneously.
  • heart
    Can be easily adjusted over top vent.
  • heart
    Easy to clean with a separate ash drawer.


  • close
    The price tag.
  • close
    Small cooking surface as compared to other grills, but can be easily expanded.
  • close
    Quite heavy, thanks to its rolling cart that makes its motion possible and useful.

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Dyna Glo 5 burner grill DGA550SSN-D Review

Dyna-Glo 5-Burner Black & Stainless Premium Grill

(Rating - 4 / 5)

If you're looking to buy a big-sized grill, to conduct fascinated occasions at your home and to feed the best to your guest, don't worry; we'll be showing the affordable option to you. In this article, we will be analyzing one of the most affordable gas grills on the market which is Dyna Glo 5 burner grill which may be suitable for you if you are tight on budget.

Design and Built

The Dyna Glo 5 burner grill consists of iron cooking grates that are coated with porcelain enamel. The advantage of porcelain enamel is that it won't allow food to stick over the grill. Due to this, it becomes easy for user's to clean and maintain it. Moreover, porcelain enamel ensures even distribution of heat all around the grill for effective cooking. Thanks to its doubled-layered hood that retains heat when it is closed. At the top of the hood, there's a built-in-thermometer that displays the temperature inside the grill.

On the lower side, there are two doors made of stainless steel under which you can store crockery, bread or whatever you want to. Most of the grills are made of low quality steel to keep the price down, but this model had premium quality stainless steel which is a big fact. This grill is controlled by chrome-plated dials located at the front panel.

Main Features

The main feature of this grill is its grilling space. User's get plenty of grilling space area which is sufficient for five burners. Moreover, it comes with side burner of 12,000 BTU and also an infrared rotisserie burner of 12,000 BTU. So you can even grill the whole of chickens on rotatory spin.

We would like to clear the fact that it only includes rotisserie burner as standard, not the rotisserie kit. Users have to purchase the motorized rotisserie kit on their own.

 Well before making the final call for purchasing an electric grill, we recommend the buyers to look for a grill that comes with a side burner. They are separated from the central cooking area so they can be heated up gradually. Moreover, they are handy while cooking sauces and other things, as this advantages for the best utilization of time.

Additional Features

Buyer's get an option to opt-in between two models, called natural gas model and liquid propane model. The natural gas model comes with a 10-foot long hose. While the liquid propane model won't have an option of the natural gas conversion kit.

Talking more about the unit, it has a total of 550 sq. Inches of the main cooking area. But, if you'll consider the side burner and rotisserie burner, then the combined area gets raised to 764 sq. Inches. Practically, you can cook about 28 burgers in such a larger area. Overall, it's quite a large grill at such an affordable price.

Nowadays, there are two types of burners available in the market, called conventional grills and infrared grills. While Dyna Glo 5 burner grill comes with conventional grills. It has total five burners that deliver the heat output of 55,000 BTU. Our recommendation is traditional grills as infrared grills heat up gradually and heat is more intense, which is a minus point.


  • heart
    It has a large cooking area with side burners.
  • heart
    It delivers the right amount of heat output of this size.
  • heart
    The sliding tray makes it easy to install the propane tank.


  • close
    Some of the internal components are too lightweight.
  • close
    There's a significant gap in between grates.
dyna glo 5 burner grill


If we talk about the warranty of the product the company assures you a one-year limited warranty on the gas grill on the product. It also offers five-year limited warranty over the stainless steel burners. The replacement or repair will be valid over defective or broken parts at the time of purchase.

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