Best Stainless Steel Grills of 2019

Stainless steel grills, when put forth against the traditional introductory grills has proved itself nothing less than a revolution in the grilling community. Even after the enormous commercial success of Cast Iron grills, grilling community didn’t hesitate a bit before opening arms to the Stainless steel grills.

High heat retention, minimal maintenance, and high durability are very few of the huge advantages over any other kinds, too much to influence one’s decision of buying some other grill over it.

Corrosion is an evil which is known to ruin billion-dollar-worth properties, and even grills aren’t spared from the action. In such cases, Stainless Steel Grills have a massive advantage over other grills, which ultimately catalyzes great cooking after years of use. The larger surface area accounts for heat retention along with effective searing. Low maintenance is also a significant reason you might need to get a stainless steel grill. It requires more or less no constant maintenance since steel does not require oil to clean the surface up. You are good to go for the cleaning part with a piece of cloth and sprinkled water droplets, making stainless steel grills much more durable than the other grills.


Don’t have enough time? Here are our top two picks.

#1Weber Summit S-670 Stainless-Steel Gas Grill

Weber Summit S-670 Stainless-Steel Gas Grill

This Weber grill is one of the most premium but expensive grill in the market. But the ones who’ve bought it know what this beast can do.

5 of 5 Stars#2Napoleon Prestige 500 Stainless Steel Grill

Napoleon Prestige 500 Stainless Steel Grill

This is a budget-friendly yet pretty good stainless steel grill with some exciting features. If you don’t wanna hurt your pocket, this can be the right for you.

4 of 5 Stars

Best Stainless Steel Grills of 2019

With the tons of new stainless steel grills coming every year manufactured by dozens of reliable names, it’s quite tough to keep track of the new arrivals. So here we are, after hundreds of hours of usage and research, going to list our best picks with in-depth performance reviews, here we go!

1. Weber Summit S-670 Stainless-Steel Gas Grill

Weber Summit S-670 Stainless-Steel Gas Grill

Weber is well known for producing premium quality high-end grills at affordable prices. Since the last few decades, Weber has single-handedly dominated the whole grilling market with new releases to favored features every time. Expecting a lot of Weber products from our picks should not serve as a shocker, but account to the high-quality stainless steel grills they have manufactured! Weber Summit S-670 is easily the best stainless steel grill currently on the market. This grill with stainless steel flavored bars and the amazing snap-jet ignition system gives you the grilling area of 624 sq inches, 60,000 BTUs. It is more than sufficient to grill steaks for half a dozen humans.

Since the arrival, positive reviews from the whole grilling community showered in months, making this grill one of the best releases from Weber in the year. The grill has a stainless steel finish, so durability is not something you should worry.

The most flattering feature of this grill I found was the self-ignition system, making the six stainless steel burners with an ignition system of its own. You don’t have to light up the whole thing to use one or two of the burners. Weber Summit S-670 might not be the most affordable option for someone running out of budget in this list, but for the price, it comes in, the features and durability for sure make up for the worth of this grill.

2. Weber Genesis II S-335 3-Burner Stainless Steel Grill

Weber Genesis II S-335 3-Burner Stainless Steel Grill

Weber Genesis II, being a three burner stainless steel grill, is much better than most of the grills currently. All thanks to the extraordinary features delivered by Weber. Coming up with the powerful Gs4 grilling system, Weber Genesis II comes up with a sear station which creates intense heat and gives special sear marks to the food being cooked.

Stainless solid steel gives out super-quick high heat retention, which most of the high-end grill grates fail to do. With an impressive power output of 39,000 BTUs, it also comes up with a side burner mainly aimed for sauteing veggies which operates at additional 12,000 BTUs.

If that helps, it can also be used to simmer barbecue sauce. In spite of being a three burner grill, this grill stands apart from others giving away the grilling area of 335 sq inches.  With the Genesis II Series, Weber has introduced the grease management system for GS4 operating grills. Grease management is something that is not taken well on with a grill, but improper management can cause flare-ups and uneven burns on the steak.

Along with the exciting infinity ignition, the stainless steel tubes are designed in a way to optimize the gas flow throughout the grill. For the price it comes in, construction is pretty solid.

3. Napoleon LEX605RSBINSS Stainless Steel Grill

Napoleon most often doesn’t make an appearance in the top picks just because of one and only one reason- price. Napoleon produces pretty much only high-end efficient grills, but for the price, it comes in is often a big turn off for the community. But while picking up best stainless steel grills, I couldn’t resist myself from including Napoleon LEX605RSBINSS in the list.

The grill comes with the double-walled lift lid and the total grilling capacity of 850 square inches. This beast has the catchy jet fire ignition system with the steel wave cooking stainless grids. All of the operational toggles are mounted on the front utterly.

It has an integrated tool system, and the condiment holders find a place on the side shelves manufactured on durable, high-quality stainless steel. With the total of six burners and operational power of 90,500 BTUs, the versatile cooking system makes this beast pretty much the best stainless steel grill for the price it comes in.  This grill also features iGlow backlit control knobs, which to be honest are super engaging when turned on in the night time. It also features an integrated ice bucket for ease and a cutting board for the sake of convenience. Everything is pretty much on the cards with this premium grill.

If you are ready to shell out and lose your pockets a bit, then there can’t be anything better than this masterpiece by Napoleon.

4. Napoleon Prestige 500 Stainless Steel Grill

Napoleon Prestige 500 Stainless Steel Grill

Being a successor of the same brand name in the same category, Napoleon Prestige 500 is a short-hand crafted grill based on the premium high-end grills from the same manufacturer. It is a budget-friendly grill. With the same price as of the top-most rivalries in the market, Napoleon aims to deliver the best stainless steel grill with Prestige 500.

This grill is pretty much a total package holding the potential of a whole outdoor kitchen; in short, the grill has everything to please you. The stainless steel sear plates and the same wavy-curved rod grids add up a lot to the great design. With a total of six burners ( four main burners, one infrared rear and side burner) can cook in eight different ways. Coming to the capacity, it can easily give place to 30 burgers in the rear side, not even kidding! The construction looks pretty solid and is done on polished silver steel, ensuring durability for years on the place.

Side burner works as a greet helper while preparing sauces while the rear burner keeps grilling the meal. The unique lid design accounts for even heat distribution to sear perfectly for a delicious steak. The rear gas burner working on 18,800 BTUs is quite decent.

Lower than the powerhouse Napoleon is known for, but better than a lot of high-rated steel grills. Anyone looking for a decent porcelain-enameled grill surface might get intimated to buy this stainless steel grill, all credit to the premium look.

5. Dyna-Glo DGE Stainless Steel Grill

Dyna-Glo DGE Stainless Steel Grill

Dyna-Glo is pretty much known for designing premium-looking grills. Dyna-Glo DGE is one of a kind, great steel manufactured stainless grill operating on four steel burners of 10,000 BTUs each, and not to forget the mounted side burner of 12,000 BTUs. This grill gives you a plethora of features which even top-notch companies fail to provide at the given price.

With all the toggles mooted in the front, it comes up with an additional temperature gauge integrated especially for accurate temperature management. The only turn-off to the whole grill is the sides. With side grills mounted on either side, the side tables are immobile and aren’t supposed to go any nether. Great heat retention should be accounted to the three-piece heavy gauge stainless steel cooking grates.

Total grilling area of 646 sq inches is quite decent, not comparable to the figures given by others, but pretty much great for the price. The total operational power of 52,000 BTUs is not a huge number. But considering four burners and even distributions of power and slightly more to the side burner is a great approach.

The big storage cart comes up with two doors, aimed for the sake of convenience and ease. One big negative, needless to mention is the failure of this grill to achieve highest-ordered temperatures with ease because of the vent behind the grill. Nothing to worry about anyway, for ninety-nine percent of the weekends, you are more than good to go with this grill.

6. Weber Summit S-470 Stainless Steel Grill

weber summit s-470 natural gas grill

Summit S-470 is another premium stainless steel grill from Weber! The third on the list from the same brand, it’s quite evident that Weber has experimented a lot in the sub-section to achieve perfection in every price range. It has total operational power of 48000 BTUs and four stainless steel burners in the front.

This premium grill with the total capacity of 580 square inches features amazing snap-jet ignition system which is said to be much better than all the ignition systems. With the front-mounted toggle control, it also features an LED-fuel gauge accurately stating the status of remaining fuel for the sake of convenience.

The four primary burners, each designed for delivering special purpose does the jobs perfectly well and could comfortably accommodate food for eight people in one go. More importantly, the design and physical appearance, as expected from Weber looks pretty solid. With two rods designed as a crucifixion, the grill overall gives away a crazy look.

The cooking grates are constructed incredibly well with the high-quality steel accounting for high heat retention and proper searing for even grilling. We’ve discussed it earlier, but Grease management system is a premium features which is still unknown to the domination brand names of the market, except Weber. Grease Management System does the jobs decently well and ensures great durability proving the worth of every penny you thought you spent.

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