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blackstone 28 griddle review

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Blackstone 28 griddle review

Well. Well. If you’re going or thinking to have an outdoor grill for your home, then give a bit pause to your action. We have a conveniently priced unique grill which can throw its ups over your mind. So in this article, we’ll engage our time on having a closer and in-depth look at the Blackstone 28 Griddle Review.

This grill features two stainless-steel burners packed with the high power of heat output. This type of grills allows you to cook tasty and delicious meals anytime anywhere. It comes with a durable powder coated steel base which enhances the looks of the unit. With its ample mobility, you can place it anywhere around your place to enjoy the happy evenings.

With this unit, there’s no need to have a lid as the griddle top has a vast open space where you can freely move your meal without any hassle. With a price tag of below $200, this simple and straightforward grill can genuinely enlighten your occasions with deliciousness.


One thing we’ll like to clear about this product. Since it is an affordable grill for buyer’s with a limited budget, so design and looks are not a priority for this device. The company wants users to feel unique grilling experience at low cost.

You get a sufficient and wide space at the top of the grill which is a good thing. While there is a storage shelf underneath, which will surely prove to be a useful element. You can put tools or foodstuff here which can be taken in use during grilling.

At the lower section, there are only two caster wheels on one side and flattened of support struts on the other side. The reason for only two wheels is the lightweight of the unit. Yes, this 28-inch griddle grill weight only about 80 pounds.

Description And Features

Under this segment of the article, we will have a look at Blackstone 28 Griddle Grill features, details and specifications. So beginning with burners, here you get two stainless steel burners which are of good quality.

Both the burners features 30,000 BTUs of total heat output, with 15,000 BTUs per burner. Not even grills with 3 or 4 burners yield this amount of heat power. Thanks to burner’s H-style design that ensures even heat distribution all around.

The primary or main cooking surface area has a remarkable space of 470 square inches, so you can easily prepare a meal for about six people. For the cleaning the device, you don’t have to dig the grates separately, as it has cold rolled steel flat over the top of the burner which is easy to clean.

There’s a separate side table on one side of the unit which provides you more space to work with. The main plus feature of the model is its cooking, space where you get two burners that can be controlled independently.


You all might have heard the phrase,”what you pay is what you get.” The same applies to this unit too. The company gives you a warranty of only ninety days after purchase for any defect in artistry.


  • heartThe large cooking surface area allows you to cook large meals for more members.
  • heartIts griddle style not only adds delicious flavor to your meal but also features creative cooking.
  • heartOne of the most affordable griddle style grill available in the market.


  • closeThe whole grill is griddle style so forget your classic grill sear marks.
  • closeSince there’s no lid, you can’t think of slow-cooking, as all the flavors and aroma will blow off.
  • closeAt some instance, it lacks utility.

Blackstone 28 griddle

This was the Blackstone 28 griddle review, and the product turns out to be one of the best flat top grills at a low budget. Hope this Blackstone 28 griddle review helped you to get all the information you needed regarding the product.If you’re looking for a good outdoor or camping flat top grill, this griddle may be the best one for you.

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