How To Clean Weber Grills – Detailed Cleaning Tips

Cleaning a grill, no matter what type, cannot be a hassle-free job until and unless you are a cleaning freak with years of experience in cleaning grills. There are a lot of points you have to keep in mind while making a move before initiating the task of cleaning the grill. Weber is a household name in the grilling community, even when someone not so fond of grills makes an opinion for a brand that mostly comes out to be Weber.

With the enormous features under budget prices, Weber has set a benchmark among the grill brands. To ensure the best of grilled food, you should have a proper built-in guide all set your mind to maintain and clean the Weber grill, so that none of the obstacles strike again until the next time you decide to disassemble the stuff again. At times, there might be a compulsion for you to clean the grill.

For instance, Weber grill may give you a hard time lighting up when the ignitors are clogged with debris. Even the encyclopedias might not give you sufficient knowledge, but the cleaning experience of someone from the grilling community suffices. So today, we are going to give you some tips on how to clean Weber grills.

You don't need a dozen of fancy equipment to achieve what we call perfect cleaning. Cleaning formulas with toxic content should be avoided entirely, they do the cleaning job perfectly, but along with the dirt, they don't take away the chemicals that might spoil the quality and taste of your food.

A bucket of warm water, household soap, and a decent quantity of vinegar suffice as the substitute for the chemical formulas.

You should get a couple of stainless protective gloves, ensuring your hands stay safe during the whole job. A couple of sponges will find the need while cleaning the stains.

Tips On How to Clean Weber Grills

1. Burning off residue

This should be considered as the zeroth step before beginning the whole task. A lot of leftovers can get stuck over the entire grill.

To skim off the residue might be a difficult job in most of the instances, so the best sound solution to this problem is to set all the burners high for at least ten minutes. Ensuring most of the leftover get burnt out and could be removed effortlessly without much external assistance.

2. Brush the Grates

Cooking grates deals with a lot of stuff, that too at a temperature of close to a thousand kelvin. After setting up the burners high, let the grates cool for some fifteen minutes. After it gets sufficiently normal to deal with, grab a grill brush, and take off the remains from the top side of the grates.

Use cleaning gloves to ensure safety, flip the grates over and brush the back side a bit roughly this time. Keep brushing off the grates until you see nothing except the iron bars, without any leftover of course.

3. Scrape the Flavorizer Bars

After getting grilled at a relatively lower temperature, you should scrape the Flavorizer bars and put them apart with the help of a wide putty knife.

Here comes the important part of examining the Flavorizer bars. With all the rust on them, you might feel the need to replace the bars. But nothing to worry about as rust is quite common on the Flavorizer bars, the real problem arises when they are about to get disintegrated into pieces.

Till then, the only thing you need to do is glide the bars with the help of a wet towel roughly, make sure there are no cracks in the bars. That might be a big positive flag for a replacement.

4. Cleaning the cook box

Inside the grill, mainly the cook box has a significant impact on the overall performance of the grill. So it does become a crucial point to cover while performing the task of cleaning the grill. It might sound like the most intriguing and tricky part of the whole cleaning thing, but turns out to be extremely easy!

After the grill comes down to moderate temperature and after removing the grates and the Flavorizer bars, with the help of a stainless brush, remove the debris from the cook box while approaching down the bottom tray. Do make sure to remove the excess grease, if present, from the cooking box with the help of a wet towel along with the brush.

5. Clean the work surfaces

This is something essential to ensure proper cleaning of the grill, interestingly it differs for all types of cleaning surfaces. 

If your grill has stainless steel, which makes the job utterly easy, you should consider using decent quality stainless cleaner. You have a free choice here, but as someone with rich experience in cleaning, I will heavily recommend you Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner. Easy to use with straightforward instructions- Weiman Steel Cleaner makes the cleaning part easy.

The plastic work surfaces require a bit of more attention. Ideally, you should clean the whole surface with a wet towel, only if there are no stains. For the stains, consider using a scrubber sponge with a basic cleaner.

After taking off the debris from the upper part of the stains, a scrubber sponge with a cleaner will suffice to make the stains disappear miles away from the grill. You should give a thought to Armor All protectant cleaner if you are looking for a shiny appearance, brand-new look after cleaning the surface.

For the wooden surfaces, the traditional technique for cleaning the wooden stuff still suits the best. The basic cleaning can be easily accomplished by brushing the surface thoroughly with the soapy water.

The heavy stains, unfortunately, are near to impossible to remove with the basic techniques. The easy possible solution might be to replace the surface or make a way out of it with the help of sanding.

6. Wash and Wipe the exterior

With the help of a bucket full of soapy water, scrub of the entire exterior of the grill with a sponge. Avoid the use of metal sponges or steel wool as the cleaning sponge during scrubbing, as they might leave a scratch mark, moreover increasing the mess.

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