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Kamado joe classic II


Kamado Joe has given a tough competition to Big Green Egg. From last few years, the company is known for manufacturing the innovative and elegant products, especially when it comes to grills and all. It’s a vast company and is always devoted to serving the best to their customers. In Fact, the owner of the company, Bobby Brennan is active on social media and gives prompt reply to its customers. Today we’ll be reviewing one of its best product Kamado Joe Classic II.

Product’s Specifications

  • Weight – 188 pounds.
  • Dimensions – 5 x 48 x 28 inches.
  • Material Type – Ceramic and steel.
  • Colour – Blaze Red.
  • Fuel – Charcoal.
  • The range of temperature – 225F – 750F.

Special Features

​● Kontrol Tower Top Vent:-The top vent of Kamado Joe Classic II has a unique feature of controlling airflow and letting smoke to escape the chamber. This is very useful in maintaining the temperature inside, especially when you’re cooking at low heat.Moreover, the vent is designed in such a way that it prevents the interior of the device from rain or snow.● Divide and Conquer Grill System:-Being an 18 inch (diameter) grill, user’s might find this little less. But we would like to tell them that its grill is elegantly designed to maximize the versatility. Actually, with its novel grill system, you can put grills at different heights and use heat deflectors to generate different temperature.● Slide-Out Ash Drawer:-No one likes cleaning ash as it is a hectic task. But, every grill owner had to go with this process. Just for the sake of customer’s, Kamado’s Classic II comes with a separate ash drawer, located at the bottom of the unit. All the ash gets accumulated there, and all you’ve to do is just to slide it out and empty the residue. Rest, roll a tissue or damp cloth to clean it properly.● Air Lift Hinge:-Weighing about 188 pounds, the unit is quite heavy, and the lid is a substantial part of it. So you might find difficulty in opening and be closing it. Thanks to its Air Lift Hinge, due to which you can do this task with just your fingers.


The device comes in a very well packed box, which is a good thing as ceramic is a material that can be broken/damaged easily. Next, it is super easy to assemble, that’ll hardly take few minutes.

Kamado Joe Classic II is an attractive grill. Externally, the glossy-red appearance makes it an eye-catching product. It is bit bigger and larger, so you’ll require some workforce to put it over a place.Beside the cooking surface, the two side tables on either side are pure bliss. You can keep any tools, sauces, utensils, etc.. This would make your cooking more convenient.

The build quality is also impressive, while other parts are too solidly constructed. The entire unit seems beautiful and can be used very efficiently.


● User’s get a limited lifetime warranty over ceramic parts.● While five-years warranty over metal parts.● Three-years warranty overheat deflector.● One-year warranty over thermometer and gaskets.


  • heartIt has a great design and looks.
  • heartIt has got a solid and rigid construction and can be stored anywhere, without creating any issues.
  • heartWorks perfectly as a smoker.
  • heartIt has flexible cooking surface. So user’s can commit various grilling technique simultaneously.
  • heartCan be easily adjusted over top vent.
  • heartEasy to clean with a separate ash drawer.


  • closeThe price tag.
  • closeSmall cooking surface as compared to other grills, but can be easily expanded.
  • closeQuite heavy, thanks to its rolling cart that makes its motion possible and useful.

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