Napoleon Rogue 425 Grill Review

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Napoleon Rogue 425 Review


Napoleon introduced the Napoleon rogue 425 gas grills in the year 2016. The Rogue line shows same features which the expensive Prestige line holds. Every grill made of stainless steel make their place to a different level, but the design and looks matters for a few. What plays a role is its interior, i.e., functions and features. The unit yields moderate results and is well suited for a middle-sized family. 

Napoleon Rogue 425 is an excellent choice that covers all the basic aspects and delivers a good result. So in this article, we’ll be looking at all its features, design, warranty, pros and cons for a better understanding.


You might be not impressed with its cooking surface and the burners’ power. But believe us, when it comes over design and looks this model will defeat all of its competitors. It’s build of galvanized steel that enhances its looks to a next level. So along with cooking your eyes will be engaged on starring it.

Even if you don’t like silver, yet its sleek cabinet doors look good. At the lower part, there are four wheels with a locking mechanism for easy mobility and stability. Its design also favors the setup time that’ll hardly spoil more than 45 mins. A perfect combination of style and basics, which makes this unit a top contender among the other grills.

Description & Features

When users opt for a mid-range grill, they find many common aspects which no doubt, should be appreciated. One thing which you’ll like about this model is its wave style stainless steel cooking grates. Wave style adds a classic factor to these grills that matchups others with a sleek design.

Talking about burners, they are of good quality and release an impressive heat of 12,000 BTU (each). It has a total of three burners with an overall heat output of 36,000 BTU. You might find this digit a bit short at such price. Beside this, there’s an infrared sizzle zone side burner that raises this figure to 45,000 BTU, which is a considerable number.It has 425 square inches of cooking surface that are raised to 620 square inches when you’ll count heating racks too. So, you get a good amount of cooking area that can be considered suitable for a mid-5-membered family.Napoleon Rogue 425 comes with Jetfire ignition system that gives one-touch lighting for all the burners, hence provides effective and even cooking. Users can also use charcoal as fuel if they want the flavor of charcoal in their meals.

As told, it has wave style stainless steel cooking grates that provide unique sear marks along with better grease distribution. The searing plates in between grates and burners help in removing some of the extra stuff. While it vaporizes the aroma and flavor of your food and sends it again for a delicious taste.


This is one of the foremost segment of the content, as many of you must be desired to look over the product’s warranty. ● Full-Lifetime warranty over hood, lid, base, and cooking grids.● Ten years warranty on the burners.● Five-years warranty on the searing plates.● Two-year warranty over every other aspect of the grill.


  • heartIts sleek-steel design can win hearts of many.
  • heartHeavy porcelain coated cooking grates.
  • heartBeing stainless steel, not only enhances its looks but also durability and maintenance.
  • heartGood built-quality and construction.
  • heartBurners are made of quality stainless steel material.
  • heartEasy to assemble and use.


  • closeLow heat output for such a size.
  • closeThe side burner does not have much power.
  • closeThe price tag it displays.

Napoleon Rogue 425 ReviewBuy On Amazon

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