Napoleon vs Weber – Find the Right Mid-Budget Grill!

Weber and Napoleon are the most well-heard names in the grilling community since past few decades. Both of the biggies have produced a ton of premium high-end grills. Weber and Napoleon have a neck to neck unnoticeable rivalry when it comes to listing the best grills after sneaking thoroughly in the market.

Even to someone who has been an active member of the community since years, it’s sometimes tough to raise one name when asked. Comparing the low budget decent grill by one manufacturer with a premium high end performing grill from the other is not only absurd, but it’s more of like comparing apples with oranges.

After tons of hours of intense research and usage we’ve put in the past couple of months, we are going to compare, head-to-head, the best grills from Napoleon vs weber under a specific price range. Taking one grill at a time from one established brand name and comparing, totally everything, to the other established name at the similar cost, will help you with a clear vision and hence in getting the best for you! Here we go!

Napoleon Grills Overview:

Napoleon Prestige 500 Stainless Steel Grill

Napoleon Prestige 500

As the name gives away the hidden throw-away, Napoleon grills are no less than the widely sung warrior, but with advanced grilling performance and engineered quality premium manufacturing.

Napoleon grills have been dominating the market single-handedly in the mid-range and budget-priced grills since quite a time now, standing straight high with Weber. The stainless steel grills and propane gas grills are known to be the best kinds manufactured by Napoleon, but irrespective of the price a grill comes in I loved the charcoal grills too.

Napoleon is much known for producing high-end functioning premium grills with extraordinary features. Prestige series, specifically the propane gas grills, gained immense popularity in the grilling community for the last couple of years.

Weber Grills Overview:

Weber Genesis II LX S-340

Weber Genesis II LX S-340

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for charcoal grills, portable grills, or even budget grills, Weber always manages to bag the topmost spots in every list. Even if you aren’t well off with the best arrivals of the market, you are most likely to get recommended with tons of Weber Grills by an experienced member from the community.

Amidst the expensively priced traditional grills being mass-produced in favor of the community, Weber kept experimenting in every section and technologies of the grilling and created a legacy for seven decades.

Weber grills are well known for giving out premium featured high end performing performance at a friendly price, and excellent reliability has resulted in the immense pouring trust from the community. Genesis and Spirit are two popular known series from the brand name.

Find the Right Mid Budget Grill

The mid-budget grill is the most common range a usual customer thinks of buying. Looking up for the best product under best price makes up the best mid-budget product in every section.

So does the Napoleon Prestige 500 and Weber Genesis II LX S-340, if not the brand names were taken into consideration, they would’ve been the best recommendations from my side. So good are these two grills, let’s get into more of the spitting features.

Comparing Napoleon vs Weber Grills

Grilling Space Area

  • Weber: The premium sturdy 7mm stainless steel cooking grates give you a primary cooking area of 513 inches, in addition to this the tuck-away warming racks mounted on the top provides more 156 sq inches for grilling which adds up the total cooking area to 669 sq inches. More than decent for a mid-budget premium grill.
  • Napoleon: The four stainless steel burners give you the primary cooking area of 500 sq inches, plus the warming rack cooking area offers an additional space of 265 square inches adding up the total grilling area to 865 sq inches! We have Napoleon as the clear winner in terms of cooking number of hamburgers.

Sturdiness And Build

  • Weber: As stated earlier, the Genesis series is well known for its exceptional build quality and sturdy steel manufacturing. The stainless steel gives a shiny silver premium look to the grill. The stainless steel cooking grates are made of high-quality steel to stay reliable for ages, and durability is sure-shot included in the deal.
  • Napoleon: Prestige 500 was widely appreciated for the caring craftsmanship, which is pretty much evident when you look at the whole body of the grill. The four main burners. The cooking grates and even the sear plates are built on highly graded premium steel material, which gives away a beautiful look to the body.

Grilling Performance

  • Weber: One of the critical features of the grilling currently in the community is the Gs4 Grilling System, which goes with a motto of ‘The Power to Bring People Together’ surely does justice to it.
  • Summing up the needs of grilling community since 30 years, the innovative GS4 grilling system comprises of four main components: The Infinity Ignition, High-Performance Burners, Flavorizer Bars, and Grease Management System, each of them are entitled to the appreciation for delivering an overall high-quality premium grilling experience.
  • Napoleon: Napoleon doesn’t fall any short on delivering premium grilling experience when compared to Weber. Infrared sizzle zone side burner does the job amazingly well, and stainless steel sear plates add up sear in intense heat without giving any burns or any debris from leftovers. The amazing lid design makes the grill interconvertible, and preferably to the smoker grill by just filling up the smoker tubes on a lit burner.


Both stands out pretty much the same in terms of performance here. Napoleon has an appreciable look, and Weber features the much known GS-4 grilling system. Personally, if given a choice between this Napoleon vs Weber grill, I’d go with Weber but it really is a decision you have to make according to your needs.

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