Propane vs Electric Smoker – Find The Right One for You!

Buying a smoker could be an exciting task, and choosing one among the tons might sound like a fascinating job. But trust me, a good looking smoker with decent features might turn out to be a total piece of iron crap rusting in your backyard after months, only and only if you make a quick choice without doing much of research enlisting your priorities and preferences.

Even if you have a vision of getting a good smoker, the quality war between Electric and Propane smokers is something complex and sorting out the one you need. A lot of people run after the qualities without knowing the cons of the other kind and regret the purchase after months. One type might suit for one half, and the other half could be disjoint to the former.

So today, after hours of research, we are going to do a detailed analysis of Propane vs. Electric smoker. We'll be comparing them against each other and listing their pros and cons to give you a better idea about making a choice. 

After going through the content, one might either fall for Electric Smoker or a Propane Smoker, so consider giving attention to all of the points listed.

Electric Smokers

As the name suggests, Electric Smokers work on electricity, unlike the Propane or Charcoal Smokers operating on fuel. Working on the principle of heating effect of current, it does need a bit more than other kinds actually to heat up the insides. 

The vents are constructed specially to let the one in charge to control the temperature of the smoker. They are analogous to ovens in terms of essence, but the food cooked in electric smokers comes up with the unique smoke taste and wood chip flavor.

Also, you can also cook everything inside your house which is a big positive, when compared to other smokers, which require a dedicated space in the backyard.

Electric smokers

What Does An Electric Smoker Offers?

  • Working utterly on electricity, you don't need to sneak in between any time before the food gets cooked wholly. To sum it up in short, you don't need to stay at the place and keep changing the orientations coming in your mind. The heating effect does the entire job on its own.
  • Temperature control gives a big edge over other kinds of smokers. Toggles and buttons help you to set the smoker to any required temperature.
  • Affordability is a big thing to consider when you are looking for a premium smoker. A premium electric smokers cost much lesser than a high end functioning propane smoker. Money constraints with better qualities make Electric Smoker, any day better than the Propane smokers.
  • In the modern era, a lot of people prefer not to have a blazing fire coming out of a big traditional smoker. Unlike the old smokers, Electric smokers take up relatively lesser space. This can be a huge factor to consider if you don't have much space leftover in your house to accommodate a huge smoker.

What We Don't Like

  • Capacity: A small smoker is more comfortable to accommodate and does attract a significant part of consumers, but lack of cooking space is a big negative which comes with it. Being relatively smaller, Electric Smokers have lesser capacity than any other kind.
  • Not Traditional: Someone not being much into the smokers has a traditional image of smokers painted in his head. The fact being, a lot of people still enjoy to operate in between the process from the very beginning to the end. Unfortunately, electric smokers fail to give the traditional feel of smokers, which can be a major turn off for some people.
  • Weather conditions: Electric heating inside the vents is independent of outside conditions, but weather affects the heating performance if you keep the smoker outside the house. A drizzle of wind can suck up the heat from the vents fairly in seconds. And of course, rain is not a perfect time to consider to cook outside with house with electric smokers.

Propane Smokers

Propane Smokers does work on the principle of chemical reactions and uses propane tanks as the source of fuel. Propane Smokers gives you a bit of extra control over the heat, as cranking up the gas could achieve a temperature of high orders. 

Using propane as a fuel, the functioning of propane smoker is independent of the electricity.

Most of the propane smokers come up with a pretty basic constructing. A burner connected to the propane tank, the smoking chamber, and the chimney on the top of it to handle smoker makes it unique when seen together with an electric smoker.

Propane Smoker

What Does A Propane Smoker Offers?

  • Traditional feel: The image of a propane smoker resonates with that of what we all have from the beginning. Propane smokers are a bit different from traditional smokers, but it does function like the big fat old smokers.
  • Portability: Amidst the depth of nature, in between the forests and rivers, Electric Smokers stands no chance to work, but Propane Smokers does. With independence from electricity, you can virtually take away any propane smoker to anywhere in the world without giving any thought to the electric connectivity,
  • Compatibility: It's an undeniable fact that Propane Smokers are much easier to use than Electric Smokers. No toggles, no digital display, make the things much easier for anyone being not much updated with the technological advancements.

What We Don't Like

  • Source of Fuel: A significant chunk of the people don't buy the reason to have a propane smoker just because of the source of fuel it uses- Propane Tanks. Though a spare tank might insanely help in future, refilling a propane tank, again and again, looks like a big negative.
  • Price: There are tons of propane smokers with a similar price to those of the premium high-end electric smokers, but the quality of these units is found to be not the best among the genre. To get a high functioning propane smoker, you need to loosen your budget to a little extent, a problem eradicated with the purchase of electric smoker.
  • Safety: It's something not to care much for adults, but a kid needs to stay away from an operating propane smoker considering the high temperature and heat around the area.

Comparison between Propane vs Electric Smoker

The foremost difference, which allows you to create a more comfortable choice, to begin with, is the source of fuel both of them takes in operation. One using electricity, and the other inputting propane tanks, totally divides the preferences in half.

Quality of food cooked is a subjective opinion, but what I feel is that the Propane Smokers adds an old crisp and flavor to the food. While Electric Smokers creates a bit of an artificial replica of the traditional smokers, of course, everyone is not entitled to this opinion.

A propane smoker is usually cheaper than an electric smoker. But you are supposed to get a far better electric smoker than a propane smoker at the same cost. For a fixed budget, if you seek a traditional feel, you should go for a propane smoker. But with the same bills, you might get a premium electric smoker, and the choice is all yours!


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