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Traeger Renegade Pro Review



Traeger Renegade Pro Review​​​​

Traeger Pellet grills are one of the most versatile grills available in the market. And these are the outdoor grills that can be said as the combination of gas grills, charcoal grills, and ovens. These type of grills uses wood pellets which not only grill the food, but smoke it, and can even bake it. It has an electronic control panel that automatically moves fuel pellets to the fire and also maintains consistent cooking temperature.

There are many brands that manufactures Pellet grills but in this article, we’ll be doing Traeger Renegade Pro review, the TFB38TOD Wood Pellet Grill by Traeger. So if you’re interested in knowing more about this particular model, make sure to read the article.


For many buyers out there, design plays a key role while buying any new gadget. And this Traeger TFB38TOD Renegade Pro is no less when it comes to design. This model is available in a combination of black and orange color that looks stylish and alluring. The construction of the unit is solid which is made of steel material and has a powder coat finish.

One of the best parts about this unit is the brawny new side-lift bar, which provides even weight distribution for easy movement over the surface. At bottom, there are four wheels which move the unit easily, at most of the terrains. So overall the grill offers great portability.

Features & Specifications

Key Features

Cooking area

380 square inches

Hopper Capacity

18 pounds

Maximum Temperature



109 pounds


39 x 27 x 50 inches

Other Features

Has a digital Pro Controller, Uses electronic auto-start ignition, 3 years of warranty

In this section, we’ll talk about all the offerings by the Traeger TFB38TOD Renegade Pro pellet grill. This device doesn’t use any gas or charcoal as a fuel but uses wood that gives more authentic flavors and tastes to your meals.

The Traeger Renegade Pro is a 6-in-1 versatile unit which can be used to grill, bake, smoke, barbecue, roast and braise the food. The BBQ cooking is a pure boost with this unit that gives you juicy flavored food. This pellet grill has a Digital Pro Controller with AGL that keeps the temperature within (+ 15) or (- 15) degrees F for perfect grilling every time. This model also uses electronic auto-start ignition which doesn’t create any hassle while starting the unit.

As we said, this model uses wood pellets as a fuel which can power the unit for about 20 hours(per bag) on the smoke setting. While on the high mode, it’ll provide 6 hours of work time. Looking at specifications, this unit has 380 square inches of grilling area which is a perfect size for many users. It can provide you with a maximum temperature of about 450 degrees.

With this capacity, you can easily prepare three chickens, 16 burgers, and three rib racks. While the Pellet hopper capacity of the unit is of 18 pounds. Also, this unit weighs 109 pounds and comes with the dimensions of 39 x 27 x 50 inches.


Traeger first invented the original wood-fired grill around 30 years ago in Mount Angel, Oregon. That particular model is still one of the top-selling wood-fired grills in the market. Traeger is one of the most trusted brands in the grilling world, and you can trust their products blindly.

However, saying about Traeger Renegade Pro TFB38TOD, this model comes with three years warranty on the cooking grates and the entire grill. But the grill is designed to last way longer. So don’t worry about the product and the brand.


  • It has Digital Pro Controller with AGL.
  • It has dual meat temperature probes.
  • Solid steel construction makes it a durable grill.
  • It is a versatile model with 6-in-1 functionality.


  • The size is not enough for larger families.

traeger renegade pro review


Traeger TFB38TOD Renegade Pro is a perfect pellet grill for all those people who love smoky-flavored grilled food. This model is one of the latest models produced by the company, but believe us, it will deliver you the best results every time. The build quality is good, the features are impressive, and the device also looks pretty nice. So it’s a complete package, and we would recommend you to consider this while looking for the best pellet grill in 2019. Hope this Traeger Renegade Pro Review helped you with the information you needed about the product.

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