Light a barbecue is definitely the first thing to do if you want to use it to make delicious grills. However, it is also what scares most people, fearing not knowing how to do it or being afraid of being wrong.The lighting of a Weber barbecue depends on its type, whether electric, gas or charcoal barbecues. We will therefore review the different types of ignition depending on the different types of barbecues.

How to light a Weber electric barbecue?

To light a Weber electric barbecue, simply follow the steps below.- Connect the temperature controller to the barbecue if it has been removed.

– open the lid.

– Make sure the temperature controller is in the off position.

– Plug the power cord into a protected outlet.

– Preheat the barbecue. To do this, set the temperature controller to the high setting by turning it clockwise.

 The amber LED indicates that the appliance has been turned on and the heating element is heating up;

– Lower the lid. The orange LED goes out when the temperature is reached. This process can take 10 to 15 minutes.

– To cook at a lower temperature, turn the temperature control counterclockwise to the desired setting. The orange light will come on again until the lowest desired temperature is reached.

How to light a Weber gas grill?

Finally, to light a Weber gas grill, you must first get a propane regulator, because propane is more suitable than butane for outdoor use and a bottle of 6 or 13 kilos. In general, you can buy both together.Then simply follow the steps below.- lift the lid;

– Make sure the burner adjustment knobs are off;

– open the gas supply;

– Press the control button of the main burner or main burner;

– Press the piezoelectric or piezoelectric power button, depending on the model. Be careful because the ignition of the spark is audible. In the event of a malfunction, repeat the operation.

– Check that the burner is lit by looking through the hole of the match, which is at the front of the tray. A flame must be visible.

– Once the burner 1 is on, simply activate the other burners if you need them;

– Lower the lid.                                             How to light a Weber charcoal grill?

To light a Weber charcoal grill, follow the steps below.- Fill the ignition with briquettes or charcoal. This allows you to dose the right amount to put.

– Place two or three fire starter cubes on the grill, then light them.

– Place the ignition focus on the fire grill, above the ignition cubes and let it act.

– The barbecue is ready when the charcoal or briquettes are incandescent. For briquettes, know that the hottest must be covered with a thin layer of ash. It takes 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the fill level of the chimney.

– be sure to wear protective gloves and dispose of the fuels at home, depending on the desired cooking method, ie direct or indirect.

– Place the baking tray, place the food and replace the lid.

How to use an ignition fire?

For Weber charcoal barbecues, you can also use an ignition hearth that provides perfect, effortless and safe embers. There are several sizes that adapt naturally to the size of the barbecue.Its ignition hearth allows you to accelerate the ignition of coal or briquettes. It can hold enough charcoal to prepare a direct or indirect fire in your barbecue.With the ignition chimney, you can create perfect embers: a thermo setting plastic handle with thermal insulation and a foldable metal handle to handle hot coal safely.You do not have to touch embers. Without agitation or blowing: the air valve alone guarantees the circulation of air and the maintenance of the temperature.Follow the steps below to light your fireplace with charcoal briquettes:1) Place the fire starter cubes on the grill and light them;2) Fill your ignition hearth with charcoal briquettes and place it in the fire starter pails;3) Heat for 20 minutes and discover your charcoal briquettes transformed into pretty embers before pouring them on the grill, at your convenience.

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