Weber Q1200 vs Q2200 – Product Comparison

In today’s world, barbeque is one of the first and foremost methods of cooking, especially when you’ve flesh on your menu. In ancient time, when there were no barbecue grills, people were supposed to use a wooden framework to grill the meat by putting it over the fire.

As the time moved on, barbecue grills also have experienced a lot of innovations. Now, there are many manufacturers of barbecue grills. So it becomes very important for all of you to opt for a perfect one. In this article, we’ll be looking at two very famous grills among the users which are Weber Q1200 vs Weber Q2200. You’ll find out a short comparison here, but we are pretty sure that this will help you a lot.


Weber Q1200

Weber Q2200


189 sq. Inches

280 sq. Inches


red, blue, purple and more

Only Gray Color

Heat Output

8500 BTU

12000 BTU


35.3 pounds

42.5 pounds

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Know About Weber Q1200:-

Weber Q1200

Weber Q1200’s grates are made of porcelain-enamel cast iron which is considered best for containing and distributing heat evenly. It comes with a total of 189 square inches of cooking surface area. It has 8500 BTU of total heat output, while its ignition source is electric. Beside this, it also includes a thermometer, folding side table, and is available in different colors.

Know About Weber Q2200:-

weber Q2200

Weber Q2200’s grates are also made of porcelain-enameled covering. This means it will evenly spread heat all around and grilling will be done perfectly. It has 280 square inches of total cooking space. Also, its burners are made of stainless steel which is a good thing. Talking about great output, here you get 12000 BTU in total. This model also includes a side table, thermometer and also uses electronic start-up ignition.

Comparison Between Weber Q1200 vs Q2200:-


If we talk about Weber Q1200 vs Q2200, Weber Q1200 has less cooking space with just 189 sq. Inches, while Weber Q2200 has more, i.e., 280 sq. Inches. Similarly, Q1200 yields a total of 8500 BTU of heat output while Q2200 yields 12000 BTU. In general, both the model have same weight and size. But, Q2200 has a taller lid. With this, the users get more option for grilling.


In general, both the products perform well. Both are quick as well as efficient. But as told, Q2200 comes with a larger lid so users can grill more meat with this model. Roasting is a kind of cooking method which needs to be performed at low heat. But even in low settings, Q2200 fails to do so as it still performs hot. Whereas Q1200 just delivers the perfect amount of heat required for roasting. Q1200 has a shorter lid so it is recommended not to grill larger meat like turkey, as it would not fit properly.


From Weber Q1200 vs Q2200, Q2200 is a more significant model when compared with Q1200. Moreover, it is also heavier. But you can even separate the grates to make it lighter. Look, size don’t matter much, it’s entirely on you to look for a model that meets your requirement. So it’s your call under this parameter.


If you want to color your grilling world, then Q1200 will do the job for you. It is available in red, blue and purple color. Unfortunately, while writing, no other color option was available for the model Q2200.


Choosing one model in between Weber Q1200 vs Q2200 is a complicated task, but it is easy to spot the differences between them. The Q1200 is smaller, has smaller burners and is more affordable. Overall, it is a good option for travelers or remote users.While Q2200 is a more significant model and comes with larger and better burners. This model is more recommended for using it at homes or in your backyards. Beside this, there are not much more significant differences between this both model. Both come from the same brand and shows almost similar capabilities.

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