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Weber Basics: How to Light the Perfect Fire

Lighting a barbecue is definitely the first thing to do if you want to use it to make delicious grills. However, it is also what scares most people, fearing not knowing how to do it or being afraid of being wrong.

The lighting of a Weber barbecue depends on its type, whether electric, gas or charcoal barbecues. We will therefore review the different types of ignition depending on the different types of barbecues.

How to light a Weber electric barbecue?

To light a Weber electric barbecue, simply follow the steps below.

  • Connect the temperature controller to the barbecue if it has been removed.
  • Open the lid.
  • Make sure the temperature controller is in the off position.
  • Plug the power cord into a protected outlet.
  • Preheat the barbecue. To do this, set the temperature controller to the high setting by turning it clockwise.
  • The amber LED indicates that the appliance has been turned on and the heating element is heating up.
  • Lower the lid. The orange LED goes out when the temperature is reached. This process can take 10 to 15 minutes.

To cook at a lower temperature, turn the temperature control counterclockwise to the desired setting. The orange light will come on again until the lowest desired temperature is reached.

How to light a Weber gas grill?

Finally, to light a Weber gas grill, you must first get a propane regulator, because propane is more suitable than butane for outdoor use and a bottle of 6 or 13 kilos. In general, you can buy both together.

Then simply follow the steps below.

  • Lift the lid.
  • Make sure the burner adjustment knobs are off.
  • Open the gas supply.
  • Press the control button of the main burner or main burner.
  • Press the piezoelectric or piezoelectric power button, depending on the model. Be careful because the ignition of the spark is audible. In the event of a malfunction, repeat the operation.
  • Check that the burner is lit by looking through the hole of the match, which is at the front of the tray. A flame must be visible.
  • Once the burner 1 is on, simply activate the other burners if you need them;
  • Lower the lid.

How to light a Weber charcoal grill?

To light a Weber charcoal grill, follow the steps below.

Fill the ignition with briquettes or charcoal. This allows you to dose the right amount to put.

  • Place two or three fire starter cubes on the grill, then light them.
  • Place the ignition focus on the fire grill, above the ignition cubes and let it act.
  • The barbecue is ready when the charcoal or briquettes are incandescent. For briquettes, know that the hottest must be covered with a thin layer of ash. It takes 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the fill level of the chimney.
  • Be sure to wear protective gloves and dispose of the fuels at home, depending on the desired cooking method, i.e., direct or indirect.
  • Place the baking tray, place the food and replace the lid.

How to use an ignition fire?

For Weber charcoal barbecues, you can also use an ignition hearth that provides perfect, effortless and safe embers. There are several sizes that adapt naturally to the size of the barbecue.

Its ignition hearth allows you to accelerate the ignition of coal or briquettes. It can hold enough charcoal to prepare a direct or indirect fire in your barbecue.

With the ignition chimney, you can create perfect embers: a thermo setting plastic handle with thermal insulation and a foldable metal handle to handle hot coal safely.

You do not have to touch embers. Without agitation or blowing: the air valve alone guarantees the circulation of air and the maintenance of the temperature.

Follow the steps below to light your fireplace with charcoal briquettes:

  • Place the fire starter cubes on the grill and light them.
  • Fill your ignition hearth with charcoal briquettes and place it in the fire starter pails.
  • Heat for 20 minutes and discover your charcoal briquettes transformed into pretty embers before pouring them on the grill, at your convenience.

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Propane vs Electric Smoker – Find The Right One for You!

Buying a smoker could be an exciting task, and choosing one among the tons might sound like a fascinating job. But trust me, a good looking smoker with decent features might turn out to be a total piece of iron crap rusting in your backyard after months, only and only if you make a quick choice without doing much of research enlisting your priorities and preferences.

Even if you have a vision of getting a good smoker, the quality war between Electric and Propane smokers is something complex and sorting out the one you need. A lot of people run after the qualities without knowing the cons of the other kind and regret the purchase after months. One type might suit for one half, and the other half could be disjoint to the former.

So today, after hours of research, we are going to do a detailed analysis of Propane vs. Electric smoker. We'll be comparing them against each other and listing their pros and cons to give you a better idea about making a choice. 

After going through the content, one might either fall for Electric Smoker or a Propane Smoker, so consider giving attention to all of the points listed.

Electric Smokers

As the name suggests, Electric Smokers work on electricity, unlike the Propane or Charcoal Smokers operating on fuel. Working on the principle of heating effect of current, it does need a bit more than other kinds actually to heat up the insides. 

The vents are constructed specially to let the one in charge to control the temperature of the smoker. They are analogous to ovens in terms of essence, but the food cooked in electric smokers comes up with the unique smoke taste and wood chip flavor.

Also, you can also cook everything inside your house which is a big positive, when compared to other smokers, which require a dedicated space in the backyard.

Electric smokers

What Does An Electric Smoker Offers?

  • Working utterly on electricity, you don't need to sneak in between any time before the food gets cooked wholly. To sum it up in short, you don't need to stay at the place and keep changing the orientations coming in your mind. The heating effect does the entire job on its own.
  • Temperature control gives a big edge over other kinds of smokers. Toggles and buttons help you to set the smoker to any required temperature.
  • Affordability is a big thing to consider when you are looking for a premium smoker. A premium electric smokers cost much lesser than a high end functioning propane smoker. Money constraints with better qualities make Electric Smoker, any day better than the Propane smokers.
  • In the modern era, a lot of people prefer not to have a blazing fire coming out of a big traditional smoker. Unlike the old smokers, Electric smokers take up relatively lesser space. This can be a huge factor to consider if you don't have much space leftover in your house to accommodate a huge smoker.

What We Don't Like

  • Capacity: A small smoker is more comfortable to accommodate and does attract a significant part of consumers, but lack of cooking space is a big negative which comes with it. Being relatively smaller, Electric Smokers have lesser capacity than any other kind.
  • Not Traditional: Someone not being much into the smokers has a traditional image of smokers painted in his head. The fact being, a lot of people still enjoy to operate in between the process from the very beginning to the end. Unfortunately, electric smokers fail to give the traditional feel of smokers, which can be a major turn off for some people.
  • Weather conditions: Electric heating inside the vents is independent of outside conditions, but weather affects the heating performance if you keep the smoker outside the house. A drizzle of wind can suck up the heat from the vents fairly in seconds. And of course, rain is not a perfect time to consider to cook outside with house with electric smokers.

Propane Smokers

Propane Smokers does work on the principle of chemical reactions and uses propane tanks as the source of fuel. Propane Smokers gives you a bit of extra control over the heat, as cranking up the gas could achieve a temperature of high orders. 

Using propane as a fuel, the functioning of propane smoker is independent of the electricity.

Most of the propane smokers come up with a pretty basic constructing. A burner connected to the propane tank, the smoking chamber, and the chimney on the top of it to handle smoker makes it unique when seen together with an electric smoker.

Propane Smoker

What Does A Propane Smoker Offers?

  • Traditional feel: The image of a propane smoker resonates with that of what we all have from the beginning. Propane smokers are a bit different from traditional smokers, but it does function like the big fat old smokers.
  • Portability: Amidst the depth of nature, in between the forests and rivers, Electric Smokers stands no chance to work, but Propane Smokers does. With independence from electricity, you can virtually take away any propane smoker to anywhere in the world without giving any thought to the electric connectivity,
  • Compatibility: It's an undeniable fact that Propane Smokers are much easier to use than Electric Smokers. No toggles, no digital display, make the things much easier for anyone being not much updated with the technological advancements.

What We Don't Like

  • Source of Fuel: A significant chunk of the people don't buy the reason to have a propane smoker just because of the source of fuel it uses- Propane Tanks. Though a spare tank might insanely help in future, refilling a propane tank, again and again, looks like a big negative.
  • Price: There are tons of propane smokers with a similar price to those of the premium high-end electric smokers, but the quality of these units is found to be not the best among the genre. To get a high functioning propane smoker, you need to loosen your budget to a little extent, a problem eradicated with the purchase of electric smoker.
  • Safety: It's something not to care much for adults, but a kid needs to stay away from an operating propane smoker considering the high temperature and heat around the area.

Comparison between Propane vs Electric Smoker

The foremost difference, which allows you to create a more comfortable choice, to begin with, is the source of fuel both of them takes in operation. One using electricity, and the other inputting propane tanks, totally divides the preferences in half.

Quality of food cooked is a subjective opinion, but what I feel is that the Propane Smokers adds an old crisp and flavor to the food. While Electric Smokers creates a bit of an artificial replica of the traditional smokers, of course, everyone is not entitled to this opinion.

A propane smoker is usually cheaper than an electric smoker. But you are supposed to get a far better electric smoker than a propane smoker at the same cost. For a fixed budget, if you seek a traditional feel, you should go for a propane smoker. But with the same bills, you might get a premium electric smoker, and the choice is all yours!

How To Clean Weber Grills – Detailed Cleaning Tips

Cleaning a grill, no matter what type, cannot be a hassle-free job until and unless you are a cleaning freak with years of experience in cleaning grills. There are a lot of points you have to keep in mind while making a move before initiating the task of cleaning the grill. Weber is a household name in the grilling community, even when someone not so fond of grills makes an opinion for a brand that mostly comes out to be Weber.

With the enormous features under budget prices, Weber has set a benchmark among the grill brands. To ensure the best of grilled food, you should have a proper built-in guide all set your mind to maintain and clean the Weber grill, so that none of the obstacles strike again until the next time you decide to disassemble the stuff again. At times, there might be a compulsion for you to clean the grill.

For instance, Weber grill may give you a hard time lighting up when the ignitors are clogged with debris. Even the encyclopedias might not give you sufficient knowledge, but the cleaning experience of someone from the grilling community suffices. So today, we are going to give you some tips on how to clean Weber grills.

Grill Cleaning Equipment

You don't need a dozen of fancy equipment to achieve what we call perfect cleaning. Cleaning formulas with toxic content should be avoided entirely, they do the cleaning job perfectly, but along with the dirt, they don't take away the chemicals that might spoil the quality and taste of your food.

A bucket of warm water, household soap, and a decent quantity of vinegar suffice as the substitute for the chemical formulas.

You should get a couple of stainless protective gloves, ensuring your hands stay safe during the whole job. A couple of sponges will find the need while cleaning the stains.

Tips On How to Clean Weber Grills

1. Burning off residue

This should be considered as the zeroth step before beginning the whole task. A lot of leftovers can get stuck over the entire grill.

To skim off the residue might be a difficult job in most of the instances, so the best sound solution to this problem is to set all the burners high for at least ten minutes. Ensuring most of the leftover get burnt out and could be removed effortlessly without much external assistance.

2. Brush the Grates

Cooking grates deals with a lot of stuff, that too at a temperature of close to a thousand kelvin. After setting up the burners high, let the grates cool for some fifteen minutes. After it gets sufficiently normal to deal with, grab a grill brush, and take off the remains from the top side of the grates.

Use cleaning gloves to ensure safety, flip the grates over and brush the back side a bit roughly this time. Keep brushing off the grates until you see nothing except the iron bars, without any leftover of course.

3. Scrape the Flavorizer Bars

After getting grilled at a relatively lower temperature, you should scrape the Flavorizer bars and put them apart with the help of a wide putty knife.

Here comes the important part of examining the Flavorizer bars. With all the rust on them, you might feel the need to replace the bars. But nothing to worry about as rust is quite common on the Flavorizer bars, the real problem arises when they are about to get disintegrated into pieces.

Till then, the only thing you need to do is glide the bars with the help of a wet towel roughly, make sure there are no cracks in the bars. That might be a big positive flag for a replacement.

4. Cleaning the cook box

Inside the grill, mainly the cook box has a significant impact on the overall performance of the grill. So it does become a crucial point to cover while performing the task of cleaning the grill. It might sound like the most intriguing and tricky part of the whole cleaning thing, but turns out to be extremely easy!

After the grill comes down to moderate temperature and after removing the grates and the Flavorizer bars, with the help of a stainless brush, remove the debris from the cook box while approaching down the bottom tray. Do make sure to remove the excess grease, if present, from the cooking box with the help of a wet towel along with the brush.

5. Clean the work surfaces

This is something essential to ensure proper cleaning of the grill, interestingly it differs for all types of cleaning surfaces. 

If your grill has stainless steel, which makes the job utterly easy, you should consider using decent quality stainless cleaner. You have a free choice here, but as someone with rich experience in cleaning, I will heavily recommend you Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner. Easy to use with straightforward instructions- Weiman Steel Cleaner makes the cleaning part easy.

The plastic work surfaces require a bit of more attention. Ideally, you should clean the whole surface with a wet towel, only if there are no stains. For the stains, consider using a scrubber sponge with a basic cleaner.

After taking off the debris from the upper part of the stains, a scrubber sponge with a cleaner will suffice to make the stains disappear miles away from the grill. You should give a thought to Armor All protectant cleaner if you are looking for a shiny appearance, brand-new look after cleaning the surface.

For the wooden surfaces, the traditional technique for cleaning the wooden stuff still suits the best. The basic cleaning can be easily accomplished by brushing the surface thoroughly with the soapy water.

The heavy stains, unfortunately, are near to impossible to remove with the basic techniques. The easy possible solution might be to replace the surface or make a way out of it with the help of sanding.

6. Wash and Wipe the exterior

With the help of a bucket full of soapy water, scrub of the entire exterior of the grill with a sponge. Avoid the use of metal sponges or steel wool as the cleaning sponge during scrubbing, as they might leave a scratch mark, moreover increasing the mess.

7 Important Electric Smoker Accessories You Need

If you've got an electric smoker at your place, then you might need some important tools and accessories that you never heard of. But believe us, having these accessories will give you the best out of your smoker. We would like to make it clear that electric smoker accessories aren't compulsory to buy, but you can have them to experience more convenience.

Now, there are various electric smoker accessories available in the market, and some of them can be very useful while some of them are not helpful at all. In this article, we'll be looking at some of the interesting accessories for your analog, digital, or bullet smoker. So if you want to experience more convenience and easier cooking experience, then make sure to go through the list of these accessories.

7 Must-Have Electric Smoker Accessories

1. Electric Smoker Cover

Electric Smoker Cover

For proper care of your smoker, this accessory is a top choice. It is a must-have accessory for food smokers as it protects them. We all know that a best electric smoker is a big investment for any buyer, so care of such gadget should be on high priority. This cover is a protective shield for your smoker which will prevent the unit from dirt and bad weather.

One thing which we like about these covers is they are available for almost every smoker design. So whether you've got a vertical smoker, small ones, big ones, or even universal ones, you'll be able to find one for them. So if you haven't planned yet, then start thinking of buying a cover for the safety of your smoker.​​

2. Electric Smoker Stand

Electric Smoker Stand

A stand is another one of the important accessories for your smoker. This particular accessory will make the entire process of using your product comfortable. This stand is a kind of small table over which you can place your smoker to lift it by its actual height.

This is an excellent choice for the sake of your back. Now, some of the models come with their separate stands, so before buying a new stand take a look at the built-in stand of the smoker. Also, if you put your smoker over the kitchen countertop, then you might end up with burn marks over it. And this is why we recommend a stand for your electric unit.

3. Grid Mat

Vegetables and Fish Grid Mat

Not many people will recommend you for this one, but this will help to get the most out of your vegetable and fish smoking. Big slabs of meat like ribs can easily occupy space in the metal cooking racks without getting broke. But, some of the delicate foodstuffs like vegetables break apart during the smoking process.

These slices of vegetables soak smoke from the surface, so you need support to bind them all. Having a vegetable and fish cooking mat will also prevent your smoker from the problems of dripping grease. When you use this mat, then some of the greases will be soaked by veggies or fish and will avoid unwanted grease fires.

4. Wireless Meat Thermometer

Wireless Meat Thermometer

​​​​​​​​Another important accessory for your smoker is wireless meat thermometer. This particular accessory will not help your smoker, but you. Some of the smoker models, especially the analog ones don't come with any thermometer to measure the temperature of the interiors. And at such situation, a wireless meat thermometer will act as a savior for you. 

One of the most impressive benefits of the wireless thermometer is, you don't have sit around smoker to monitor the temperature. It will notify you the temperature of the interiors. This accessory is extremely advantageous when you're performing slow cooking. When gadgets like wireless thermometer provide you better smoking experience, then you shouldn't miss such tools.

5. Grill Master Apron Kit

Grill Master Apron Kit

For all those smokers or grill users, an apron is a protective clothing cover that is very useful during the entire process. Usually, apron comes with a big pocket on the front which is capable of holding things. Users will also get oven mitts in the front pocket, which are helpful while smoking food. 

Along with this, it also has a small towel attached with it for cleaning the messy stuff during smoking. This special apron also has an insulated pocket to the beverages cool. Here, you'll also be provided with a bottle opener. Overall, this apron can turn out to be a good accessory for you because of its unique and useful design.

6. Sausage Hooks

Sausage Hooks

We're pretty sure that you must have seen lines of sausages hanging with hooks, and large pieces of meat in mid-air. This traditional method of smoking meat was very popular in the time, and even today many people practice it. That's why we say that sausage hooks are one of the best smoker accessories that provide you the most refined form of smoked sausage.

Users can attach these hooks with the cooking racks of the smoker, and in fact, many brands manufacture hooks to be used for this purpose. Hooks are very simple to use. 

You have to make sure that there's sufficient space to hang the meat freely. You might have to leave the bottom rack empty for doing this activity. Overall, the use of sausage hooks will provide you delicious smoky flavored food ever time.

7. Lava Rocks

Lava Rocks

The final accessory for your electric smoker in our list the lava rocks. This lava rocks is not an ordinary accessory, as they are capable of maintaining heat for a longer time. This means that you can turn the smoker off, and leave your food with lava rocks to maintain it hot for a longer time. 

Moreover, another great thing about lava rocks is you can use them multiple times. This means you don't have to throw the lava rocks after using it once. They don't melt so you can use them again and again.

The porous construction of the rocks allows heat to go through the meat and due to this, there's even spread of heat all around the smoker. For smoking your food properly, one row of lava rocks is enough.

Electric Smoker Tips and Tricks that will Make You a Pro

Electric smokers are one of the most popular types of smokers. The only reason for this popularity is the love of people for smoky-flavored food. Buying an electric smoker is a great decision, and believe us, it can be one of the best investments if you love cooking food.

But, buying a food smoker is a different thing, while working with a food smoker is another thing. But don't worry, as working with this amazing product is not tough at all. All you've to do is to set the temperature and cooking time and leave the smoker to do the job. 

6 Useful Electric Smoker Tips and Tricks

To completely utilize your smoker, there are certain tips and tricks that you should know to get the most out of your smoker. With these tips and tricks, your meat will not get overcooked, and you'll always get delicious smoky food.

In this article, we'll be giving you all those useful tips and tricks that will help you in dealing with your electric unit. So if you own a smoker, then make sure to check out these electric smoker tips.

1. Get rid of the Chip Trays

Every user owning an electric smoker must be aware of the inconvenience caused by the wood chip tray. And if you've got a small chip tray, then it needs to be refilled several times.

Only because of this, most of the smoked foods lovers drop out the chips tray and move ahead with pellet smokers tube or box. These are very easy to use, affordable, and most importantly, provide consistent smoke.

To make use of pellets smoker, place the pellets in the tray, making sure they are below the ridge of the dividers. Now fire up the pellets with the help of a lighter. After 40-50 seconds, blow off the flames and wait till the smoke gets spread. Now place the pellet smoker tube or box back in the smoker to get smoky-flavored food.

2. Prevent Your Food From Getting Over-smoked

We know that electric smokers need proper time and patience to cook food properly, but if it's extended than required, you might burn your meat. Over smoked food will have no flavor that you've been looking for. So don't just get tempted by thinking of smoking a little more.

What we recommend you is to keep monitoring your dish until it's thoroughly prepared. If you do so, you'll be knowing the exact status of your food that will help you in achieving better flavors and taste.

3. Learn How To Monitor The Temperature

You must know about the fact that the temperature inside the smoker tends to change after the beginning of smoke. The temperature here is changed to ± 20° Fahrenheit than the set temperature.

When you set any temperature with your smoker, initially, there is a rise in the temperature until it is reached to the set mark. And once it is reached to set temperature, the heating element of the smoker stops working. However, still, there's a certain rise in the temperature of the smoker for some time. 

After this, there's again a fall in the interior temperature of the smoker and is back to the set temperature. However, the temperature will continuously fall as the heating element is not active. So if you want to set the cooking temperature to be 220°F, we would recommend you to set 200-210°F.

Now keep monitoring the smoker, and once it reaches the mark of 220°F, reset it to the required mark of 220°F (which was set to 210°F). By performing this trick, the smoker will have minimal temperature swing, and you'll get better-smoked food.

4. Season Your Electric Smoker before First Use

To get the most of your new food smoker, you need to first season the unit for getting best flavors and taste. To perform Pre-Seasoning, you're supposed to set the device to 275 degrees Fahrenheit and leave it on the same line for about 3 hours. 

When it's an hour remaining, place some wood chips a couple of times within 30 minutes on the tray. In this manner, you'll also be able to see the working of the smoker and how it maintains the temperature. Once you've completed Pre-Seasoning, turn the smoker off and let it cool down. Once it's done, you can begin cooking with your electric smoker.

5. Control the Position of the Vent

If you're working with a charcoal smoker, then getting the correct vent position is a difficult task for you. However, when you have one of the best electric smokers, then it becomes much convenient for you to get the right position of the vent. 

So when you're smoking your meat, it is recommended to open the vent completely. By doing this particular thing, you reduce the risk of developing creosote layer (an organic compound which can wash the smoky flavors of the meat, if developed in large amount). 

Now you might be wondering that when you should close the vent. So when you're done with the smoking of your meat, or when you want to raise the interior temperature of the smoker, then you can close the vent. In this way, you can get the right position of your vent.

6. Place Foil Over the Racks for Easy Cleaning

This is more of a household tip but is very useful for all the electric smoker users. This specific tip will not only offer convenience to the users but will also save lots of time as you all know that cleaning the grates of a smoker is a tough and time-consuming task. 

There's deposition of grease and oil over the racks, which leads to sticking of food and in turn, burning of food. This adversely affects the taste of your meat and leads to complete wastage.

So to stay protected from such situations, we recommend you to use a foil over the surface of racks, such that all oil and grease fall into it. And once you're done with cooking, remove the foil and clean the smoker easily.

Wrapping it up

This was all about the tips and tricks that may help you in getting most out of your electric smoker. We're pretty sure that if you follow these tips with your smoker, you'll understand your device even better.